Current Research

There are three main strands to my research that aim to answer the question: How to encourage effective tagging of internet videos through online tagging games?


I am interested in the philosophy of play and how this is applied to online games in order to understand why people engage in online play. I want to understand why people play online games? What features they expect in an engaging and fun game and what factors of gameplay make users return to a game time after time. I am looking at the theory of online game design and the fundamentals of designing interactivity. I want to apply the theory to tagging games to see if tagging games can be designed to appeal to a broader audience and be 'fun' enough to be played regularly and yet still generate useful textual data.

Tagging Games

How can I research video tagging games without developing my own? I am currently redeveloping VideoTag and will be re-launching soon. I want to find out:

Tag Classification

In addition to researching the element of fun involved with tagging games, I am also interested in classifying the tags that they generate. Through classification of the types of tag users enter in video sharing sites I want to be able to draw comparisons between those results and the results of a classification of the tags generated by video tagging games. Some questions I want to answer through analysis of tag classification: