Web Design

About Sak Creations

I have been a web designer for 10 years now, starting my career with Phones4u, then moving to work in publishing working for RBI and IPC Media. With a brief foray into designing sites for recruitment companies I returned to work in media spending 3 years working for Granada Sky Broadcasting.

Sak Creations was formed in 2000 when I began contracting (for RBI and IPC) then became the home of my portfolio until I decided to work as a freelance web designer in 2004. I use the skills gained from my years as a commercial web designer and the skills I have gained through studying for my MSc and PhD to provide a professional service producing sites that use the latest developments in web coding and usability standards. I work with graphic designer, Karen Jones kjcreative to provide an option to have a professional graphic design added to your website.

Solutions we offer

We provide professional database driven websites - ideal for companies expanding their web presence; or attractive brochureware websites, ideal for your first online venture. We offer a variety of packages to suit every budget, ranging from functional sites with simple design, to sites with full graphic design and interactivity. The emphasis of our sites is on usability and functionality, whilst still retaining an attractive aesthetic design.

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The ever changing nature of the web and media in general has resulted in some of the companies/sites I have built/worked on being either redesigned after my time or closed down completely. So only the sites that still exist will link.

www.sedgleypowerwash.co.uk (freelance project)
www.operc.com (redesign and ongoing maintanence)
www.videotag.co.uk (research project - ongoing)
www.reallygoodproductions.co.uk(freelance project)
www.daisybeck.tv(freelance project)
www.goco-ownership.com (freelance project)
www.ladylikelingerie.net (freelance project)
www.menandmotors.co.uk (employment - web editor)
www.4mat.com (employment - web developer)
www.ipcmedia.com (employment-contract - web designer/developer)
www.totaljobs.com (employment-contract - web designer)
www.phones4u.co.uk (employment - web designer)

Whilst re-designing this site I found a lonely page sitting on my server that hasn't been linked to for a lot of years, if ever! It's an animation I did in Flash back in 2000 when I was experimenting and learning how to use it. The file is approx 2MB, which back in 2000 was massive and too big for most users to download (which explains why it's never been linked to). But now as we all have super fast broadband connections, 2MB is nothing, so it finally has a home! Take a look - Drumbeats Animation (I have no idea what the music track is in the background, something I downloaded and have subsequently lost)